Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yellow Martians

Yellow Martians are an ancient race that were thought to have become extinct more than twenty thousand years ago.  They now dwell in the forbidden land that lies beyond the ice barrier of the Red Planet’s north pole.  Since the Guardian of the North (GM, XIII) destroys all aircraft that approach the yellow Martian’s homeland, a complex series of 27 caverns underneath the ice cliffs provides the only entrance to their artic nation of Okar.   The corpses of deceased yellow Martians are brought to these fabled Carrion Caves where both the putrid smell and ferocious apt block egress.

            The skin of the yellow Martian is the color of a ripe lemon and males will have prominent black beards and mustaches.  Aside from their skin color and hirsuteness, they are physically almost identical to the red Martian.  The artic cold of their nation requires wearing furs when traveling or hunting.  Their fur lined cloaks and boots are commonly obtained from the black and yellow hide of the orluk (an enormous predator, WM IX); however, officers and nobles might wear distinguishing garments of pure white fur harvested from the ferocious apt fur. 

            Yellow Martians worship the pantheon of deities of ancient Barsoom as well as the apt.  In some places, the cult of Issus still has strong influence. 

            Eight cities are located in Okar, the nation of the yellow men.  Each city is covered with a rounded and domelike crystal, which when combined with the scientific and engineering skill of the yellow Martians, serves to kept their homes and gardens warm and humid in a landscape of perpetual ice and snow.  Kadabra, the capital city of Okar, has an outer wall that is one hundred miles in circumference.  Maretina, the next largest city in Okar has its own atmosphere plant which “will maintain life indefinitely in the cities of the north pole after all life on the balance of dying Mars is extinct through failure of the air supply.”  (WM, IX) 

            The population of Okar is about three million, plus about one million slaves which have been captured from the outer world.  Their main weapons are the javelin, long-sword and the distinctive hook-sword.  Nobles and officers may use other weapons; however, since they live in glass cities, firearms are forbidden.  Most yellow Martian forces are infantry; however, after the death of Salensus Oll, their new jeddak, Talu acquired a small, but respectable navy. 
When generating Yellow Martians  add  +2 to Dexterity .
The preferred class of Yellow Martians is eXtra.
Miniature was from
Heritage Models from Waco, TX.

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