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the EXTRA character class

eXtra is a diverse vocation available to most races and is intended to define those characters who do not have a previously described class in this chapter.  Sometimes a jack-of-all-trades, members of the extra vocation have a multitude of possible career paths available to them and these characters are defined by the skills (Chapter 6) that they possess.  The primary abiility of an eXtra is charisma and this is the preferred class of yellow Martians.

“If I sometimes seem to take too great pride in my fighting ability, it must be remembered that fighting is my vocation. If your vocation is shoeing horses, or painting pictures, and you can do one or the other better than your fellows, then you are a fool if you are not proud of your ability.”   (WM, VI)

            The selection of a NPC extra’s occupation or societal role would be based upon that NPC’s highest generated ability score; i.e., blacksmith, carpenter, cook, acrobat, baker, shoemaker, farmer, messenger, guide, mechanic, cartographer, jeweler, brewer, inn keeper, potter, artist, merchant or minstrel. 

                The green women are “the artisans who produce every manufactured article wrought by  green Martians. They make the powder, the cartridges, the firearms; in fact everything of value is produced by the females.” (PM IX)

Extras are frequently provided by the referee to fulfill ancillary or supportive part in the game’s campaign or storytelling. They have a limited selection of weapons and armor.  Extras can also make excellent PCs, because of their rapid progression of luck.

Extra                    NPC                    Skill     Hit
Level    ATTK      Title      Save   Rank    Dice

 1)        +0           slave        +0        +1       1d8 
 2)        +1          laborer      +1        +1       2d8
 3)        +1        craftsman   +2       +2       3d8
 4)        +2          artisan      +2       +2       4d8
 5)        +2        wealthy      +3       +3       5d8
 6)        +3         nobility      +4      +3       6d8
 7)        +3         regent        +4      +4       7d8
 8)        +4        princess      +5      +4       8d8
 9)        +4        prince         +5      +5       9d8    
10)       +5      incomparable        +6      +5      10d8
                                                                          und so weiter

    “But I am a princess’ cried the girl haughtily, ‘and my country is not at war with yours.  You must give me and my companions aid and assist us to return us to our land.  It is the law of Barsoom.”                 (CMM, X)

Primary ability is an extra is charisma.
This is the preferred class for yellow Martians.

REAPER miniatures painted
      by Thomas Nelson

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