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the PRIEST character class

Priests, psychics & parapsychologists are portrayed within the chronicles of the Red Planet.  They have powers that heal, sustain, support and edify the group.  The powers obtained by a priest or psychic are derived from either mediation or prayer. The number of powers or spells that a priest possesses, and the maximum number of times these can be used without rest or recuperation increases with his level.

            “By returning from Dor we had committed a sacrilege; by recounting our adventures there, and stating the facts as they existed we had outraged the religion of their fathers. We were blasphemers—lying heretics. Even those who still clung to us from personal love and loyalty I think did so in the face of the fact that at heart they questioned our veracity—it is very hard to accept a new religion for an old, no matter how alluring the promises of the new may be; but to reject the old as a tissue of falsehoods without being offered anything in its stead is indeed a most difficult thing to ask of any people.”  (GM XVI)

Although the cult of Issus was exposed as a cruel fraud, the ancient pantheon of true Barsoomian gods is worshipped in isolated regions or nations. Unlike upon our earth, priests or psychics have few limitations upon armor or defense and are competent in combat; however, firearms are usually prohibited. Although priests usually take a vow not to accumulate personal wealth and property, they can still be still very powerful player characters.    

 Priest               NPC                  Skill      Hit
 Level   ATTK  Title       Save   Rank    Dice

 1)         +0        initiate     +1       +0     1d6
 2)         +1        brother    +1        +1     2d6
 3)         +2        deacon    +2        +1     3d6
 4)        +2          priest     +2        +1      4d6
 5)        +3          priest     +3        +2      5d6
 6)        +3    high priest   +3        +2      6d6
 7)        +4    high priest   +4        +2      7d6
 8)        +4        thorian    +4         +3     8d6
 9)        +5        thorian    +5         +3      9d6
10)       +5    Hekkador   +5          +3    10d6

                             und so weiter

            “Since the destruction of the fabric of their false religion by John Carter, the majority of the therns had gladly accepted the new order of things, so that it was now no longer uncommon to see them mingling with the multitudes of red men in any of the great cities of the outer world."             (TMM XIII)  

Primary ability for a priest  or psychic is wisdom.
This is the preferred class for kaldanes.

MINIATUREs from David Soderquest
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