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Scientists disdain superstition and magic, relying on rational thought and empiric method.  Students of technology and purveyors of ancient history, they view science as the means to liberate society from decline, strife and barbarism.  Examples of this vocation are biologists, chemists, physicians, engineers and dashing archeologists.  Scientists are recognized by their white coats and/or spectacles. 

They may not use relics of any kind and they have a limited selection of weapons. Not all scientists are benevolent or wise; NPC scientists may be important to your campaig as they may have access to wondrous and/or malevolent inventions.

“Why every school boy on Barsoom knows the geography, and much concerning the fauna and flora, as well as the history of your planet fully as well as of his own.  Can we not see everything which takes place upon Earth, as you call it; is in not hanging there in the heavens in plain sight?’

“This baffled me, I must confess . . .  She then explained in general the instruments her people had used and perfected for ages, which permit them to throw upon a screen a perfect image of what is transpiring upon any planet and upon many of the stars.”              (PM, XI)

  Scientist                       NPC                         Skill      Hit
     Level     ATTK          Title             Save    Rank      Dice

         1)           +0          assistant        +1        +1         1d6
         2)           +1          intern            +1         +2        2d6
         3)            +1          intern           +2         +2        3d6
        4)             +1          engineer       +2        +3        4d6
        5)             +2          engineer       +3        +4        5d6
        6)             +2          doctor           +3        +4        6d6
        7)             +2          doctor           +4        +5        7d6
        8)             +3          professor       +4        +6        8d6
        9)             +3          professor       +5        +6        9d6
       10)            +3          mastermind     +5        +7      10d6

                                   und so weiter

Primary ability for a scientist is intelligence.
This is the preferred class for red Martians.



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