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Barsoomian MAGIC from Michael Curtis



Silence – 2nd                                  Sphere = Sound

Time/Duration = partial action/ 2d4 xats
Range/Effect = 2” per level/ one creature
Saving throw = Will

This spell causes the target to become mute, an especially effective tactic versus spell-casting opponents.  If the target fails his saving throw, he cannot speak or cast most spells for the duration of this divinely imposed silence.  This spell can be counteracted by remove curse.  The material component is the priest’s holy symbol.


Skulk – 1st                                        Sphere = Air

Time/Duration = two actions/ 1d6 xats
Range/Effect = touch/one creature
Saving throw = none

This spell causes the skin and worn possessions of it target to become shadowy and indistinct, granting him a +4 bonus to all Infiltrate rolls.  In addition, the subject’s armor class is increased by +2 against non-magical missile attacks.  Multiple castings of skulk on a single subject do not stack.  The material component is a piece of black gauze (1bc).

Speak with Animals – 2nd        Sphere = Life

Time/Duration = one round/ 2d6 xats
Range/Effect = self/ one species
Saving throw = none

This spell allows the priest to communicate with beasts (RP 10), monsters, or giant forms of ordinary animals.  The animal type to be communicated with must be chosen at the time of the casting and is limited to a specific species (banth, calot, giant eagle, shrew, etc.).  Communication with the animal is limited by the intelligence and temperament of the beast; the spell does not befriend or command the target creature in any way and a reaction result (Table 3.4) should be made by the nolach as normal.  If a favorable reaction result is obtained, the animal(s) may assist the spell caster within their ability.

                “She advanced all defenseless and unarmed upon the snarling banths.
                “When quite close to them she spoke a single Martian word in low but peremptory tones.  Like lightning the great beasts wheeled upon her, and I looked to see her torn to pieces before I could reach her side, but instead the creatures slunk to her feet like puppies that expected a merited whipping.
                “Again she spoke to them, but in tones so low I could not catch the words, and then started toward the opposite chamber with six mighty monsters trailing at heel.  One by one she sent them through the secret panel into the room beyond, and when the last had passed from the chamber where we stood in wide-eyed amazement, she turned and smiled”   (GM, IV)

Speak with Dead – 3rd                  Sphere = Necromancy

Time/Duration = two actions/ 2d6 xats
Range/Effect = touch/one corpse
Saving throw = none

Invocation of this spell or power allows the priest to communicate with the corpse of a slain, intelligent creature by placing his hands upon its head.  The spirit of the dead creature is always willing to reveal the circumstances of its death, but further queries or more detailed responses require a favorable reaction result (p. 18).  The spell caster can question any corpse so long as its head is present and it has not been dead for  more than a number of days equal to the priest’s level.  The priest must speak the subject’s native language (p.8) to understand the skull.  Responses from the subject are limited by the corpse’s intelligence and temperament in life.

Spell Aegis – 4th                              Sphere = Defense

Time/Duration = one xat/1 xat per level
Range/Effect = touch/one creature per 2 caster levels
Saving throw = special

                This spell cloaks a number of creatures equal to half the caster’s level in a mystical barrier that help defend against malicious spell attacks.  Any time a creature under the protection of spell aegis is allowed to make a saving throw versus a spell, he gets two attempts to successfully make the throw.  The first roll is made with his own saving throw modifiers.  The second attempt is made using the spell-caster’s modifiers.  If either of these rolls is successful, the target makes his saving throw.   If both of these save are successes, the target is completely unaffected by the spell being cast at him (even if a save normally only reduces the spell’s effect by half).  Furthermore, a natural 20 on either saving throw reflects the malicious spell back upon its caster.  Spell aegis is protective against a number of spells equal to the priest’s level or until the duration ends.  The material components are a dusting of silver powder (5sc) and a mantle crafted from banth hide (10gc).  Both are consumed by the casting.


Spiritual Weapon – 2nd                     Sphere =General

Time/Duration = two actions/ 2d6 xats
Range/Effect = touch/one weapon
Saving throw = N.A.

This spell imbues divine power on a single weapon, causing it to glow with a color appropriate to the spell caster’s deity.  While the duration lasts, the weapon acts as a +2 magic weapon (granting +2 to attack and damage rolls) that is capable of striking lycanthropes, ethereal beings, and other monsters that require magic to be hit.  The weapon’s glowing aura can be increased at will to illuminate a 6” radius.

Swarm – 3rd                                         Sphere = Life

Time/Duration = three actions/3d6 xats
Range/Effect = 1” per level/one creature
Saving throw = Fortitude

The priest calls upon the power of his patron to summon a venomous swarm of beetles, centipedes, spiders, wasps, or other vermin of the GM’s choosing.  The priest may then direct the writhing mass to move toward and attack his enemies.  A swarm is a biting/ stinging collection of 200+ tiny (Sz0, WM III) vermin that automatically inflicts damage equal to a d20 roll minus half the victim’s defense class each round (minimum 1 point of damage).  The swarm’s victim must also make a Fortitude save the first round he is engulfed or be subject to the insects’ venom, which can cause death, paralysis, slowing or vermin fever (GM’s choice).  The DC for this saving throw equals 13 + the priest’s wisdom modifier.  Only one victim can be engulfed by a swarm at a time.

 d20-      ½DC  
6 / 9”

All damage inflicted on a swarm is reduced by half unless caused by fire, cold, or blight.  When encountered as a naturally occurring mass, insect swarm venom has a Defense Class and poison DC equal to  10 + the encounter or duneon level.


Water Breathing – 3rd                       Sphere: Water

Time/Duration = three actions/ 1 zode per level
Range/Effect = touch/self + 1 willing creature per level
Saving throw = none

This spell grants the priest and a number of his selected allies the ability to breathe water (salt or fresh) as if it were air and provides a +4 bonus to all Swim checks.  The spell does not cause the recipient(s) to lose the ability to breathe air when out of water.   The total duration of this spell is divided up amongst those subject to its magic; i.e., water breathing cast by an 8th level priest on himself and four companions would have a duration of 1.6 zodes or 80 xats each     (8 divided by 5 = 1.6; 50 xats = 1 zode, 50 x 1.6 = 80).  This spell cast by the same priest on eight total people would only last 1 zode or 50 xats per individual.

MINIATUTES  from BronzeAgeMiniatures dot com


Higher Level Spells

The number of spells each priest knows per level of experience is listed on Table 5.1.  The referee and players should collaborate to create additional spells or those spells greater than 4th level in power.

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