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Hit  Points  are an abstract measure of how much damage a character can sustain before passing out or dying.     For beasts and monsters, hit points represent bulk and ferocity; however, for characters, hit points (more is better) measures not only physical toughness and tenacity, but also reflects training, experience, confidence, and luck.    

When a character is damaged this injury is subtracted from his hit point total. When a character’s hit points score is reduced to one or zero hit point, then he is stunned (roll d12 for all saves, attack and skill throws). At negative hit points, a character is unconscious. A character at negative hit points is in shock or bleeding out and loses one additional hit point every round until first aid is properly applied. If the absolute value of current negative hit points exceeds a character’s constitution score, then he is dead. The total number of hit points a character possesses is determined by his hit dice.

“Sharp talons and cruel fangs had torn leg, arm, and breast literally to ribbons. So weak was he from continued exertion and loss of blood that but for the supporting wall I doubt that he even could have stood erect. But with the tenacity and indomitable courage of his kind he still faced his cruel and relentless foes—the personification of that ancient proverb of his tribe: ‘Leave to a Thark his head and one hand and he may yet conquer.’ ”   (GM, IV)


    TYPE                  VOCATION

d10               if trooper,  

 d8                if warrior or extra.

 d6                if criminal, scientist or priest/ psychic.


            Every level a character advances (including 1st), he rolls one hit die dice adding his constitution modifier to each die result.  This total is then added to the character’s hit points.   When rolling each hit dice for a character

 Reroll ‘1s’ if size is 5+,

Reroll ‘2s’ if size is 6+,

 Reroll ‘3s’ if size is 7+,

and      Reroll ‘4s’ if size is 8+.


An injured character normally heals 1 hit point (or dRank for attending physician’s skill) per day of rest; however, healing salves, priestly spells or psychic powers may accelerate the healing process.    


      After 10th level, characters no longer roll hit dice, instead the number of hit point gained for each additional level, is based upon their vocation and unmodified by constitution, either

     Three if trooper,

      Two  if warrior or criminal

      One  if scientist, priest/ psychic,  or extra.

Artwork is by Thomas  Yeates

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