Saturday, March 16, 2013

TREES upon Barsoom

Trees are uncommon outside of the cultivated regions of Barsoom. The Martian Tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs described several forests and one great swamp; however, four trees are mentioned by name  

calot tree is found in the tropical forests of Kaol.  “It is a carnivorous plant of about the bigness of a large sage-brush such as dots our western plains. Each branch ends in a set of strong jaws, which have been known to drag down and devour large and formidable beasts of prey.  (WM V)

Skeel is a beautiful, hard wood harvested from extremely tall, drought-resistant trees that is used for the construction of ships and sturdy doors. 

Sorapus is a tree found upon the Red Planet whose rich wood is used for the construction of  furniture and interior wall panels.  

Usa is a tree that yields a large, nutritious fruit that unfortunately is rather tasteless. The tree requires little irrigation, and because of the fruit’s availability and affordability it serves as one of the “principle rations of both armies and navies upon Barsoom (CM III)

illustration by Neal McDonald
from A Guide to Barsoom by John Flint Roy (1976)


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