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Warriors are disciplined sailors and marines that fight and die for the honor of their nation and their Jeddak. Stoic, dependable and loyal, warriors are direct in their speech and relationships.  Although not highly paid, every nation upon the Red Planet reserves its greatest accolades and honors for the successful warrior.  They seldom contradict orders or break formal command.  Warriors salute by placing both palms, adjacent, high on their forehead.   

A panthan is a mercenary.
A padwar is a lieutenant, usually in charge of  a  small warship, elite squad  or a platoon (10 – 40 warriors).
A kadar is a guard or a esteemed NCO.
A dwar is a captain, usually in charge of a destroyer, cruiser or company (100- 500 warriors).
An odwar is a general, usually in command of a battleship or a battalion (1000- 3000 warriors).

            The aerial navies of Barsoom are the force that gives the Red Martians superiority in warfare against the other races.  The battleship is the principal warship upon the Red Planet.  Proudly displayed on the bow of all warships is the nation’s  identifying device or insignia.  While the hulls of scientific or merchant vessels are painted grey.  

Warrior                      NPC                        Skill       Hit
Level     ATTK            Title             Save   Rank     Dice
 1)             +1           than              +0        +1         1d8
 2)             +2           panthan        +1        +1         2d8
  3)            +3           padwar         +1        +2         3d8
 4)             +4           kadar            +2        +2         4d8
 5)             +5           dwar             +2        +3         5d8
 6)             +6           dwar             +3        +3         6d8
 7)             +7           odwar           +3        +4         7d8
 8)             +8           odwar           +4        +4         8d8
 9)              +9           warlord       +4         +5         9d8
10)           +10           warlord       +5         +5       10d8
                                                                                                    und so weiter

      Challenges or individual combat is governed by the ancient Barsoomian Code of Arms: 
“I did not need a manual of Martian etiquette to know what reply to make, for, in fact, I was so wild with anger that I could scarcely refrain from drawing my pistol and shooting him down for the brute that he was; but he stood waiting with drawn long-sword, and my only choice was to draw my own and meet him in a fair fight with his choice of weapons or a lesser one.  This latter alternative is always permissible; therefore, I could have used my short-sword, my hatchet, my dagger or my fists had I wished, and been entirely within my rights, but I could not use firearms or a spear while he held only his long-sword.”    (PM, XIV) 

Primary ability for a warrior is constitution.
This is the preferred class for black pirates.


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