Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Pirates of Barsoom

Black Pirates are “men six feet and over in height.  Have clear cut and handsome features; their eyes are well set and large, though a slight narrowness gives them a crafty appearance.   The iris is extremely black while the eyeball itself is quite white and clear.  Their skin has the appearance of polished ebony.”  (TMM, glossary)  The harnesses of the black pirates or first born are lavishly adorned with gold, silver, platinum and precious gems.

            Just like the yellow Martians, the First Born from the Tree of Life are neither telepathic nor oviparous.  Minimal level for an adult warrior is three. Black pirates neither labor nor invent.  They have a healthy respect for the Green Martian.  Fearless and reckless, black pirates prefer to take weapons, ammo, fliers and gems as plunder.  They frequently enslave red Martians and female therns.

            “There is no peasantry amongst the First Born.  Even the lowest soldier is a god, and has slaves to wait upon him.  The First Born do not work. The men fight- that is a sacred privilege and duty; to fight and die for Issus.  The women do nothing, slaves wash them, slaves dress them, slaves feed them.”   (GM, XI) 

                The First Born were ruled by a twisted charlatan posing as a goddess.  This bloated, toothless megalomaniac has lived for millennia and has unquestioned authority.  Black pirate princes or dators had the privilege of gazing upon the visage of their goddess, Issus.  If a captive was allowed to gaze upon Issus, their mandated life expectancy was less than one year.

            In the center of the lush Valley Dor is the Lost Sea of Korus. Upon the shores of Korus (the Red Planet’s only open body of water) is the sacred temple of Issus. The sheer perpendicular Otz Cliffs circumscribe the oval Valley Dor. Beyond the bejeweled Otz cliffs are the frozen and treacherous Otz Mountains of the south pole which are inhabited by furred beasts. 

When generating black pirate characters add +2 to strength and subtract two from wisdom.

The preferred class of black pirates is warrior.

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