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 Torquas:  green Martian tribe ruled by their jed, Thar Ban and Jeddak, Hortan Gur. They are the hereditary enemies of Thurd.  The capital city is located in  Barsoom’s SW hemisphere about 7000 haads (2583 miles) west of Helium and  200 haads  (74 miles) from Aaanthor.

 “The men of Torquas had perfected huge guns with which their uncanny marksmanship had permitted them to repulse the few determined efforts that near-by red nations had made to explore their country by means of battle fleets of airships.”  (TMM V)

“The temper of the thoats of Torquas appeared even shorter than their vicious cousins among the Tharks and Warhoons, and for a time it seemed unlikely that he should escape a savage charge on the part of a couple of old bulls that circled, squealing, about him; but at last he managed to get close enough to one of them to touch the beast. With the feel of his hand hand upon the sleek hide the creature quieted, and in answer to the telepathic command of the red man sank to its knees. . .  Even in the hands of the giant green men bridle and reins would be hopelessly futile against the mad savagery and mastodonic strength of the thoat, and so they are guided by that strange telepathic power with which the men of Mars have learned to communicate in a crude way with the lower orders of their planet.”  (TMM XI)
i believe artwork is from Thomas Yeates

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