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RED Martians


Red Martians are the dominate race upon Barsoom and comprise approximately 80% of the planet’s surface dwelling population.  The red men resemble Earth men physically except their skin is a light copper color and placement of internal organs is slightly different.  Adults are slender and sinewy with males averaging six sofads in height.   Eye color is typically brown and hair is dark or black.  Males are clean shaven and wear their hair short.  Hirsuteness and obesity amongst red Martians is so rare as to immediately attract attention. 

Unlike Earth men, Martians do not adorn themselves with layers and pieces of cloth.  Dress upon Barsoom is minimal, although the chill of the night usually requires the donning of a cloak or furs.   Dress for the beautiful red Martian females is similar to a bikini, but is fashioned from precious metals and fine silks. All males wear the trappings of the warrior; this consists of a leather harness with shoulder and waist straps for the attachment of weapons plus a pocket pouch for convenience.   Hats are not worn, footwear is either sandals or boots (, but  are not required socially).  Red men are fond of jewelry and ornaments which often indicate the wearer’s status or previous military heroics.

Prominently displayed on the warrior’s harness is the identifying metal of his home nation; gold for the empire of Helium, bronze for the empire of Ptarth, nickel for Dusar, silver for Zodanga, copper for the forest kingdom of Kaol, steel for Duhor, platinum for the wealthy city state of Gathol, brass for Amhor, iron for land bound Manator, aluminum for Toonol, and pyrite for Phundahl.
Politically, the red Martians are divided into numerous city states or nations.  Each claims large areas of land which are dotted with small farming and mining communities. These armed settlements are connected to the capital city by a modern system of canals and white-paved highways.  Modern cities are surrounded by massive stone walls which are pierced by reinforced gates. Along the broad avenue that runs adjacent to the city’s walls lies the inns for travelers and the homes of the less affluent. Cities are laid out in quadrants for residential, commercial, industrial and military purposes. The city center will include public buildings such as libraries, museums, archives, zoos as well as the administrative offices and palaces of the nobility.

“Cruel to their enemies are the men of Mars; but the word ‘enemies’ is commonly interpreted to mean men only.” (TMM, XII)

The virtue of the lowest born women is respected, while ladies of noble birth are practically worshipped. Red males act with chivalry and refinement when dealing with women. Obtaining a spouse is fiscally and socially encouraged by government codes. Women have the right to change their mind regarding matters of the heart, but once the promise to marry is given, only death of the intended spouse releases a woman from her promise. Custom dictates that a woman may not marry a man who kills her fiancé or spouse. (PM, XXII)  

“No sense of fear influenced her decision, for fear is seldom known to the children of Mars. It was rather a sense of the responsibility that she, the daughter of their Jeddak, felt for the welfare of her father's people.” (TMM I)
From youth, males are trained in the arts of warfare and all men are considered warriors in times of national emergency. Red males seldom venture outside their homes without their long-swords as “Few red men are good shots, for the sword is their chosen weapon.” (TMM, IV)
The basic government style of Barsoom remains unchanged for ages. A proud lineage of nobility governs the people by the dictates of the hereditary monarch or Jeddak who is restrained by the law and the quorum of lesser nobility. It is the duty of the red Martian nobility to set an example to their people of honor, courage, and chivalry both in times of prosperity as well as strife.
“Life is sweet,’ agreed Tara of Helium, ‘but honor is sacred.” (CM, XIII) The red men are a virtuous and proud people. Family lineage is esteemed and particularly honorable ancestors are remembered for generations. Red Martian justice is swift and fair. Trials are public and before one’s peers, a defendant is tried on the basis of his merits as well as the accusations.
In spite of the constant struggle for survival, red Martian nations often prosper and the people are content when ruled justly. The red men exceed the other races of the Red Planet in technology, character and artistic expression. In some aspects, their science and technology often exceeds that of modern Earthly nations. “All Barsoomians speak the same tongue from ice clad north to ice clad south, though their written languages often differ.” (PM, XV) 

When generating red Martian characters add +2 to charisma score.
Scientist is the  preferred class for red Martians.
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