Saturday, March 30, 2013


I have never been a big fan of awarding or calculating experience points; therefore, my streamlined experience system.

Part of the fun of role playing games is that players can develop or customize their characters throughout the course of adventuring. As they face and overcome challenges, PCs gain experience and knowledge, which allows them to fulfill the role demanded of them. In game terms, this equates to increases in the character’s skills, abilities or level. At the end of each game session, which generally lasts 2- 5 hours, each surviving character receives an experience throw
(d6 for PC or d4 for NPC):

Experience Table
1)           +1 level if preferred vocation or class *
2)           +1 to randomly determined ability score
3)           +1 to randomly determined skill (Table 6.1)  
4)           +1 GMs choice **
5)          +1 level
6)           +1 to player selected skill or feat ***

* Add a level if and only if green Martian trooper, thern criminal, black pirate warrior, Red Martian scientist, kaldane psychic or yellow Martian extra; otherwise, increase primary ability score one point.

* * GM selects addition of either one level, skill or a spell-like power (RP 5); however, the GM may choose to grant NO experience. This may seem harsh, but granting no experience at the end of a game session serves as a check or warning to players who are disruptive, obstinate or rude.

*** Total number of skills and/or feats allowed to a character may not exceed the average of his intelligence score and his level.

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