Wednesday, April 3, 2013



 When making saving throws or skill checks,

natural  ‘2’  or ‘snakes eyes’ always fails   and a

       natural '1' is a mishap

Rolled a One in Melee combat

Rolling a ‘1’ in hand-to-hand combat is not only an automatic miss, but a mishap might also occur:

 If attacker is also parrying (RP4), then he must make a successful will save or drop his primary weapon.  Difficulty Class = 10 + opponent’s level to prevent disarmament. During melee, it takes one round to prepare a weapon, but a weapon in the offhand can be used immediately.


If attacker is using a shield, and the attacker rolls a natural ‘1’, the attacker’s shield may be destroyed or shattered.  Defender then makes a fortitude save and if this equals or exceeds the attacker’s shield’s shatter DC, then attacker’s shield is destroyed.


The attacker is wounded, fatigued or trips incurring one to six hit points of damage as determined by a die roll.

I admire the will, but fear the flesh is

without sufficient strength.” (MM VIII)

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