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 A character may choose to PARRY enemy  attack(s). In order to parry, a character expends a partial action and cannot be mounted or using a shield (unless yellow Martian with hook-sword and cup shield).

Weapon in hand must be either a saber, long-sword, rapier, staff or spear. At the GM’s discretion, a combination of smaller weapons such as mace & hatchet  or short-sword &  dagger also will allow parrying. 

            A character must announce that he is going parry at the beginning of the round. When parrying, melee defense (only) is increased by four (+4 DC); however, the character rolls d12 (instead of d20) to hit for his melee attack. Because of their intermediary limbs, green Martians may still roll d20 for attack when parrying if armed with multiple weapons.

Weapon or Armor Restriction by Class    is indicated on Tables 4.1 and 4.2 using the first letters of either the race, gender or vocation.  Understand that both ‘thern’ and ‘trooper’ begin with the same letter; however, modest familiarity with the Barsoom chronicles will clarify apparent discrepancies. 
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Weapon restriction by class is also reflected in our own Earthsz history.  In the past, Jasoomian warriors  defined their role by the weapons with which they concentrated their training:

  Samurai specialized with the naginata, the katana and the bow,
Medieval mercenaries excelled in the use of the crossbow,
Renaissance infantry trained either with the pike or the musket,
Modern infantry are trained with assault rifles and light machineguns,
while pistols are reserved for officers,
 and submachingeguns are allotted to special forces.

Weapon Size is the first value  (1- 9) listed under notes:

    If weapon’s size is less than the character’s size, he can use the weapon in the non-dominant or off hand. Seven in eight Martians will be right hand dominant and any character with dexterity of 17+ is ambidextrous.

    If weapon’s size equals character’s size, he can weld or deploy the weapon in his primary hand.

    If weapon’s size is one or two greater than character size, he may only use the weapon 2-handed.

Recall, that green warriors have two pairs of hands.

    If weapon size is three or more greater than the character’s size, he may not use that weapon.

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