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ABILITIES & Attributes

ability  scores  measure the capacity to act either physically or mentally.  There are six abilities; strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma.  Each ability is measured on an ordinal scale from one to twenty with a score of ten representing average capacity for an adult male.  Twenty is the highest possible ability score for a newly generated PC.  Players should not despair (or whine) if their initial scores are not as high as desired, as scores will increase with game play.     


            Each player starts a character by rolling 4d6 retaining the three highest die results. 

Do this six times, then allocate one sum to each individual ability as desired. 

The next step is to adjust the character’s ability scores based upon his selected race (Table 1.3).  It is advised to allocate a high primary ability score as this score is vital to advancement in one’s chosen vocation or class.


                                                                                                                                   Table 3.1             

Ability                        +2 if      -2 if           Primary for
Strength                          B           K                  trooper
Dexterity                        Y           G                 criminal
Constitution                 G          T                  warrior            
Intelligence                   K          G                 scientist
Wisdom                           T           B                   priest
Charisma                       R           K                  extra


            When rolling ability scores for low level NPCs, roll 3d6 in order, applying racial modifiers and add the NPC’s current level to the primary ability score!

            With higher ability scores we get a positive modifier to many die rolls in play, thereby increasing the character’s chances of success.  Low ability scores actually have a negative modifier to many die rolls, thereby decreasing the probability of success. After we have determined the results for each ability score, we need to understand what each of these ability scores represents.
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