Sunday, April 7, 2013


            “No man enters a Martian city without giving a detailed and satisfactory account of himself, nor did I delude myself with the belief that I could for a moment impose upon the acumen of the officers of the guard to whom I should be taken the moment I applied at any one of the gates.”               (WM, V)

Modified                                                          Table 3.4
  d20           NPC Reaction                                     
  0 - 4         Hatred/ plans for opportune attack
  5-  7          Enraged/ attacks immediately            
  8 - 9          Hostile/ attacks if reasonable odds 
 10-11         Noncommittal/ NPC may desert  
 12-14         Reluctant/ defends in place
 15-17      Agreeable/ evil may betray                        
 18-20         Enthusiastic/ desires friendship
   21+          Passionate/ lays sword at feet    


   ADD       PC’s  Charisma modifier 
  ADD    NPC’s  Intelligence modifier
     +2   if Joyous (J) or same RM nation
     +0   if Benign (B) or same GM tribe
      -2   if Obstinate (O) or hostile nation
      -5   if  Malice (M ) or hereditary foes
   Plus   situational modifiers (bribery, coercion, etc.)  
                        as determined by game master or referee
Upon Barsoom, it is best to assume another man to be your enemy unless proven otherwise as each dead foe provides more of the Red Planet’s dwindling resources to divide amongst those who remain.  

Artwork is by Frank Cho

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