Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saving Throws

Saving throw Bonus  is added to the d20 roll when the character is attempting to avoid injury, traps or magical enchantment/ effects.   The character also adds the appropriate ability modifier depending on the nature of the task or obstacle.  The level adjusted bonus (RP2)  to saving throws represents the experienced character’s superior reflexes, timing, awareness, speed and luck.

DC to save against opponent’s spell =

10 + Spell Level +

caster’s primary ability modifier +

caster’s encumbrance and/or armor penalty.

        Fortitude saves are made against attacks that immobilize, restrain, drain or spells such as web, hold, paralysis, polymorph, poison or death magic.  Fortitude saves are increased by Con modifier and magical armor bonuses; however, only the highest two bonuses will stack; i.e., if a warrior were equipped with +2 ring of protection, wearing +1 chainmail and carrying a +2 shield; the magic bonus to his fortitude saves would be +4.

       Reflex saves are made against attacks that require one to dodge or evade such as traps, fireball, dragon breath and lightning bolt.  Reflex saves are increased by Dex modifier and adjusted by AP (armor  penalty). A  heavy load (carrying greater than half weight allowance or maximum load, RP4) confers an additional armor penalty of three.

      Will saves are made against attacks that target the mind or psyche such as illusion, charm, fear, phantasm or silence. Will saves are increased by Wisdom modifier.
For NPCs, we also add the liege’s, master’s, spouse’s or leader’s Charisma modifier to this result. A henchman should be two or more levels or hit dice lower than his liege or master.
Attk  Bonus is added to d20 roll when engaged in either melee or ranged combat.   In order to hit an opponent in combat, the attack result must equal or exceed the opponent’s defense class.   The attack result equals the roll of d20
+ ATTK bonus (determined by class and level), and
 + STR modifier iff melee weapon, or
 + DEX modifier iff firearm, bow or thrown weapon,  
 + situational modifiers as determined by GM.

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