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The following seven deities are provided as suggestions for the GM looking to incorporate true gods in their game.  While these deities do not appear in the source material, they are inspired by it and would not be out of place on the Red Planet.

Barsia is the goddess of life and healing, responsible for all living things on Barsoom.  Once she was the Tree of Life, but her essence spread out across the world upon its death.  From the smallest patch of ochre moss to the greatest zitidar, Barsia dwells in all things.  Her symbol is a lavender  disc and her priesthood is entirely female.  Her temples are adorned with growing plants and freely-roaming animals—even fierce ones - that obey the priestesses’ calls.  Her spheres are Healing and Life.  Priests of Barsia may use any weapon when battling undead creatures and increase their charissma score by one at 5th level.

Orjadass is the goddess of water, dreams, and the mind.  Although once a major power, her presence has waned with the vanishing oceans of Barsoom.  Orjadass’ servants are much diminished and include the few sailors on the south polar sea, those dying of thirst on the dry sea beds, and a small cadre of savants dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the mind.     Her temples are small, simple affairs, but always have access to a subterranean stream.  Orjadass is venerated on Moonday and her symbol is a pair of mated interlocked silver discs.  Her spheres are Water and Thought.  Priests of Orjadass can detect fresh water within 10 ads; they also gain +1 to WIS at 5th level.

Taredak is the god of war and honor.  He is one of the most revered deities on the Red Planet, eclipsed by Barsia only slightly.  Taredak is depicted as a perfect physical specimen of his worshippers’ species—handsome, physically imposing, dressed in battle regalia, and with proud, heroic features.  He is honored on Thansday and before any battle.  His symbol is the stylized rendering of an ancient short sword.  Taredak’s spheres are Combat and any elemental spell (Fire, Water, Earth or Air) that inflicts damage.  Priests of Taredak may use spears or short-swords and gain +1 to STR at 5th level.

 Daarlot is the god of air, storms, and the ravages of time.  Daarlot manifests himself in the horrible siroccos and cyclonic storms that race across the Barsoomian landscape, tearing down mountains, eroding cities, and wrecking fliers.  He is honored on Windsday and during tempests, and is considered the patron of flyer crews.  Temples to Daarlot were once commonplace in the city of Hastor.   Daarlot’s symbol is a two-headed malagor, the great bird of Barsoom.  His spheres are Air and Sound.  Daarlot’s priests may use javelins and increase DEX +1 at 5th level.

Zeddagim is the god of earth, the home, and protection.  He appears as a titanic calot seemingly hewn from living stone of crimson and ochre coloration.  Zeddagim’s day is Hearthsday and his symbol is a diamond-shaped stone edged in steel.  His temples are small, blocky affairs, and he is most often worshiped at a small household shrine located near the center of the home.  Zeddagim’s spheres are Earth and Defense.  His priests gain +1 toCON at 5th level.

Aranth is the goddess of fire, passion, and knowledge.  She appears as a living column of orange flame with scorching white eyes and subtle humanoid curves.  Aranth represents the destructive and civilizing power that both knowledge and fire bring.  Her temples are always found near centers of learning and contain eternal flames tended by her priests.  Aranth is honored on Fireday and her symbol is a flame-rimmed triangle.  Her spheres are Fire and Knowledge.  Priests of Aranth may use bows and gain +1 to INT at 5th level.

Ulth is the god of ignoble death and calamity, and is the closest entity to a satanic figure in the Barsoomian pantheon.  His cult is entirely subterranean and shrouded in layers of secrecy.  His color is purple and he is portrayed as a skeletal Green Martian clad in burial wrappings.  His appointed day is Starday.  His spheres are Magic and Necromancy.   Ulth has few priests, but those that do honor him may use axes or scythes and increase their Size +1 at 5th level.

      these  Petty Gods  crafted by Micheal Curtis July 2011
and will be appearing in GorgomMilk's upcoming project

  Artwork is from the
esteemed  Joe  Jusko

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