Friday, May 3, 2013


JETAN :  An epic battle fought between the black pirates of the south and the yellow Martians of the north serves as the historical backdrop for the Barsoomian game of Jetan.  This popular game is similar to earthly chess, but there are twenty pieces on each team.  Naturally, the game board for jetan is a 10 by 10 black and yellow checkered grid with the yellow team starting on the Northern side of the board.

In the nation of Manator, they host elaborate live action games of Martian chess with live pieces/ captives.  Individual duels are fought to determine the winner of each contested square.

“The game is won when any piece is placed on the same square with opponent’s Princess, or a Chief takes a Chief. . . The Princess may not move onto a threatened square, nor may she take an opposing piece.”
 (CM, epilogue)



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