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from Michael Curtis , July 2011


Animate Dead – 3rd            Sphere = Necromancy

Time/Duration = 1 xat/ 1 decade per caster’s level
Range/Effect = touch/see below
Saving throw = none

This spell animates the corpses of dead creatures, raising them to act as mindless minions of the spell caster.  Depending on the targeted corpses state of decomposition, animate dead creates either skeletons or zombies that retain none of the levels, hit dice, capabilities, powers, or spells the beings had while living (but they may retain half their craft skill at the GM’s discretion).  These undead creatures follow simple one step commands given by the caster such as “stay,” “guard,” “carry,” “follow,” “dig,” or “build.”  They attack any creature other than the spell caster unless specifically commanded not to do so. Use of this spell is considered disrespectful to the dead and it is therefore rarely employed by ‘good’ priests

Due to their undead states, piercing and slashing weapons do half damage against skeletons (round fraction down) and the original dexterity scores of zombies are halved.  Both skeletons and zombies can be harmed by non-magical weapons.  Being mindless automatons, they are immune to spells that affect the mind, ego, or psyche (command, hold, etc.).

A priest can animate a number of undead with hit points equal to his current total.  Thus, a 8th level priest with 36 hit could create nine normal skeletons, five zombies, two Sz4 skeletons, or one Sz6 zombies; provided there are corpses of the appropriate type available.  This spell may be cast multiple times, but a single priest can only control a number of undead equal to twice his original or uninjured hit point total.

 Unless destroyed (reduced to zero hit points), undead created by this spell remain animated for a number of decades equal to the priest’s level at the time the spell was cast.  A priest can “release” undead  (abandoning his control over them) to free up the total number of hit points under his control in order to command undead of greater numbers or power, but he should take precautions that his former minions do not turn on him.

Size-2  Skeleton
 Sz3 Skeleton
 Sz4 Skeleton
 Sz6 Zombie
 Sz8 Zombie

Only priests have the ability to turn or dispel undead.         The priest must make a will save against a DC equal to 10 + the square root of the undead creature’s hit points.  For each point of the will save above the DC, the priest turns one additional undead, i.e. a modified roll of 15 would turn four Sz2 skeletons (DC 12 plus 3 additional skeletons) or a single Sz6 zombie with 25 HP.

Bless – 1st                              Sphere = General

Time/Duration = one action/ 1 zode per level
Range/Effect = 5” radius/allies
Saving throw = none

This spell grants all allies within its range of effect a +1 bonus to saving throws and morale (p.39).    It is typically cast before battle, at the conclusion of a religious ceremony, or prior to eating (especially when the possibility of poison is present).  Evil priests may reverse this spell to curse enemies within the range of effect.  Those affected by the curse suffer a -1 penalty to saving throws and morale for the duration of the spell.  This spell stacks with other morale and saving throw bonuses, but not with itself (multiple castings of bless cannot increase the applied bonus above +1).  This spell requires the priest’s holy symbol to cast.


Blight – 4th                           Sphere = Water

Time/Duration = one action/instantaneous
Range/Effect = Touch/one target
Saving throw = Fortitude

This spell conjures a blast of desiccation that causes a plant, insect, or swarm to rapidly decay or age.  Its magic instantly destroys up to one ton of non-monstrous plants (including moss and fungi) and inflicts one d6 of damage for each of the caster’s level on insects, swarms, and monstrous plant life.  A successful save reduces the damage to half.   Material component required is the priest’s holy symbol.

Call Thoat – 3rd                  Sphere = Life

Time/Duration = 2d6 xats/ 2d6 zodes
Range/Effect = 25 haads/one creature per 2 level
Saving throw = none

This enchantment has saved the lives of more than one priest stranded on the dead sea beds of Barsoom.  After a lengthy casting, this spell calls one or more refreshed, wild thoats to the caster’s location.  So long as a reaction roll (Table 3.4) is favorable, the beast agrees to serve as the temporary mount of the caster (and any allies in the case of multiple thoats).  The spell provides no riding accoutrements; the caster must provide his own saddle or suffer a -2 penalty to all Ride skill throws.  Once the spell ends, the priest must either recast the enchantment or otherwise negotiate with the beasts to remain in service ( i.e,  using speak with animals or ride skill ).  The material component for this spell is a piece of usa fruit (CM, III).

Command – 1st                    Sphere = Thought

Time/Duration = partial action/ 1 round per level
Range/Effect = 5” + 1” per level/one creature
Saving throw = Will

This spell forces the target to follow a one or two word command given by the caster.  The spoken command must be in a language the target understands.  If the target fails a Persuasion-based saving throw, it complies with the command, ignoring all other instructions or intended actions such as combat or spell casting.  Typical commands include “come here,” “attack him,” “sleep,” “drop that,” or “leave.”  Commands must be an action the target can to do at will. Thus, commands such as “fly” or “die” have no effect on people.

Complete Focus – 1st                         Sphere = General

Time/Duration = 1 action/ 1 xat
Range/Effect = touch/one creature
Saving throw = none

This spell grants its target utter clarity of purpose, imparting a +1 bonus for every level of the caster (maximum +5) to their next d20 roll.  Affected die rolls include attacks, saving and skill rolls.  This bonus affects only a single roll and the spell dissipates after the die is thrown regardless of success or failure.  The material component for this spell is the priest’s holy symbol and a bit of ash to be placed upon the supplicant’s temples.

Consecrate – 4th                  Sphere = General

Time/Duration = one zode/ 1 decade per caster level
Range/Effect = caster level squared
Saving throw = N.A.
The power of this spell designates a specially prepared site as sacred to a priest’s patron deity.  The cost to build the temple, shrine, or chapel to be consecrated is d10 × 10 gc for each 1 ad × 1 ad × 1 ad map square the structure occupies.  Once the structure is completed (construction time is determined by GM), the spell requires 2- 8 priests of the same faith be in attendance to assist the caster.  An animal  sacrifice (human in the case of evil priests) is typically performed to complete the spell’s casting.  Upon completion, consecrate affects an area of map squares equal to twice the casting priest’s current level.  All followers of the priest’s patron enjoy a +2 bonus to saving and skill throws while in the consecrated area, and the duration of their spells is doubled.
Consecrated structures can be defiled by disgraceful actions against the site’s patron deity.  No magical spell is required to desecrate a consecrated location; grievous acts of destruction (torching the finery, defacing walls and statuary, staining the surfaces with unwholesome liquids, etc.) are all that is needed.  A desecrated structure can be consecrated again with a successful casting of this spell without the need to repay the structure’s cost in gold coins.

Although desecrating the sacred ground of a rival deity may be rewarded by the priest’s patron (as determined by the game master), there is also a 1 in 10 chance that the offended deity retaliates in some manner.  Possible forms of punishment for desecrating holy (or unholy) ground include permanent curses, chronic wounds, or a visit by the deity’s supernatural minions. Truly blasphemous desecrations might even warrant a visit from the patron deity’s avatar.

Cradle of Daarlot              Sphere = Air
Time/Duration = one action/ one xat per caster level
Range/Effect = 1” per level/one creature
Saving throw = none

The magic of this spell or power causes the target to become as light as a feather, protecting him from falling damage and granting him the ability to glide, but not fly, on the winds.  He may fall any distance at a rate of 1 ad per round for as long as the spell lasts and not sustain injury.  If he has not reached the ground (or other solid surface) before the duration ends, his descent continues at normal, potentially fatal speed.  A creature under the effect of this spell may also launch himself from a high perch and glide a horizontal distance equal to 1 ad for every ad above the ground he was at the start of his glide.  The subject must begin his glide from a point at least 10 ads above the ground to glide successfully.

Because this spell alters the subjects mass, he is at danger if exposed to high winds.  An earth-bound character under the effects of cradle of Daarlot must make a Reflex throw against a DC based on the wind conditions.  A strong breeze is DC 7; high winds are DC 10; gales are DC 15; and hurricanes and cyclones are DC 21.  Magic and encumbrance affect these rolls.

“Plummet-like he fell for a thousand feet and then the storm seized him in its giant clutch and bore him far aloft again. As a bit of paper borne upon a gale he was tossed about in mid-air, the sport and plaything of the wind. Over and over it turned him and upward and downward it carried him, but after each new sally of the element he was brought nearer to the ground… Expecting momentarily to be dashed to destruction he presently found himself deposited gently upon the soft, ochre moss of a dead sea-bottom, bodily no worse off for his harrowing adventure…”   (CM VII)
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