Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thuvia is hotter than an Elf chic

“She advanced all defenseless and unarmed upon the snarling banths.
When quite close to them she spoke a single Martian word in low but peremptory tones. Like lightning the great beasts wheeled upon her, and I looked to see her torn to pieces before I could reach her side, but instead the creatures slunk to her feet like puppies that expected a merited whipping.
Again she spoke to them, but in tones so low I could not catch the words, and then started toward the opposite chamber with six mighty monsters trailing at heel. One by one she sent them through the secret panel into the room beyond, and when the last had passed from the chamber where we stood in wide-eyed amazement, she turned and smiled.”
(GM, IV)

Again he caught her roughly to him, dragging her towards his couch. "If you will not be my queen," he said, "you shall be my slave."
"Neither!" cried the girl.
As she spoke the single word there was a quick move of her right hand; Tario, releasing her, staggered back, both hands pressed to his side. At the same instant the room filled with bowmen, and then the jeddak of Lothar sank senseless to the marble floor.
At the instant that he lost consciousness the bowmen were about to release their arrows into Thuvia's heart. Involuntarily she gave a single cry for help, though she knew that not even Carthoris of Helium could save her now.
Then she closed her eyes and waited for the end. No slender shafts pierced her tender side. She raised her lids to see what stayed the hand of her executioners. The room was empty save for herself and the still form of the jeddak of Lothar lying at her feet, a little pool of crimson staining the white marble of the floor beside him. Tario was unconscious.


  1. Dejah and Thuvia are definitivly hotter than elves.

  2. Michael Whelan's Thuvia is the hottest Thuvia of all. Actually, I quite like his Dejha thoris as well.

  3. Those pointy-eared chicks cant hold a candle to Barsoomian babes! They can keep their dandy Elves, Dejah and Thuvia know how to party!

  4. @ Logan
    Ich verstand meine Freund. Dejah und Thuvia ist heiss!

    @ Aos
    Michael Whelan is the best fantasy artist of all time. Elmore cannot even do perspective; Whelan's work is fourth-dimensional.
    (height, width, depth and emotion)

    @ Malcadon
    I always thought attraction towards elves represented immaturity in males. I prefer women that look like women.

  5. You said it! BTW, if you want plenty of Dejah and Thuvia goodness, check out the books at Flesk publications by Mark Schultz and Al Williamson.

    And THANK YOU for the unexpected package today!! Yes, I know you promised, but I wasn't going to let you, you already go above and beyond. I will bring it even, with a review posted somewhere if nothing else! Thanks again.

  6. My Neanderthal self, having to choose between a hot elf chick and Thuvia, the maid of mars; knocked out the Gorean Panther girl instead and dragged her -- and Dejah -- to my man cave for a private party and duo wedding. :p

  7. @ Robert Saint John
    you are welcome, now get a group together and have some Barsoomian fun . . . that way you will be one of the kewl kids before 8 June 2012

    @ Elton
    LDS get a bad rap . . .
    polygamy is the natural choice for wealthy males