Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joe Jusko is following MY blog ; - )

What an honor . . .
Check out his great artwork in Dynamite comics

Warlord of Mars #5 came out THIS week
enclosed is the story of Zad


  1. COOL blog!!! I'm flattered by the shout out! :-)

  2. @ Joe
    thanks for the compliment; hopefully,
    you will find useful material under
    Barsoom, Glossary and Monsters LABELS

    Is Dynamite in contract with ERB, Inc.,
    are your comics under the Public Domain?

  3. I just recently found the blog and have yet gone through it in depth I intend to, though! BTW, they're not "my" comics :-). I'm simply work for hire and have no idea what the licensing issues are. Not my dept. LOL