Tuesday, March 8, 2011


From Pliny 9:67
“The sea ram commits its ravages like a wary robber; at one time it will lurk in the shadow of some large vessel that is lying out to sea, and wait for anyone tempted to swim. While at another, it will raise its head from the surface of the sea and survey the fisherman’s boats, and then slyly swim towards them and sink them.”

In ancient times the orca or killer whale was also called the sea ram, because the white blotches on its skull resemble horns from a distance. Recall that killer whales are so named, because they used to eat people. With the invention of gun powder and steel hull ships these intelligent mammals made a truce with mankind and no longer hunt us. Of all the marine animals, the orca has best mastered public relations and is the darling of the modern public.

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