Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was published in FIGHT ON #9

a section of this text is found in issue nine . . .

The lone d6 rolled behind the screen is a convenient and rapid way for the GM to determine success or failure at a task not specifically outlined in the rules.
This is accomplished by mentally accessing the LIKELYHOOD of success, then if the d6 result falls in the range listed (lower is better), the character achieves the desired goal.

ALWAYS (6 or less)
USUALLY (5 or less)
OFTEN (4 or less)
FREQUENTLY (3 or less)
SOMETIMES (2 or less)
UNLIKELY (1 or less)
RARELY (0 or less)
PREPOSTEROUS (-1 or less)
IMPOSSIBLE (-2 or less)

Re roll all ‘1s’ if character is a novice
(1st level or less)


Re roll all ‘6s’ if character is accomplished adventurer
(6th level or higher)

Typical Modifiers to Difficulty Class

-1…..Low applicable Ability Score (< 10)
+1……Exceptional applicable Ability Score (17+)

-1…..Character is rushed, hurried or careless
-1…..Character is encumbered
+1……Racial or class proclivity

-1…..Player utters these words, “I am an elf”
+1……Player gives detailed explanation or
+2…..Player’s explanation makes GM laugh

all modifiers are cumulative

Acknowledgements to Jeff Reint’s Blog Post
“The Hardest Working Die in Show Business”