Monday, January 24, 2011


The volunteer militias of the U.S. colonies that used to be under state authority have evolved into the National Guard through a series of legislative acts. The National Guard is ultimately under presidential authority. The National Guard evolved from the militia, but the militia is not the National Guard
(i.e., Man may have evolved from a monkey named Lucy, but few would call a monkey a man, and vice versa.
i.e., The automobile has replaced the horse and buggy, and you can tell me that the horse and buggy is obsolete, but you will not convince me that an automobile is a horse and buggy.).


“In 1903, a piece of landmark legislation opened the way for increased modernization of, and Federal control over the National Guard. The law provided increased Federal funding, but in order to obtain it, National Guard units had to reach minimum strengths and be inspected by Regular Army Officers. Guardsmen were required to attend 24 drills per year, and five days of annual training, for which they received pay for the first time.”

In preparation for World War I

“In 1916, another act was passed, guaranteeing the state militia’s status as the Army’s primary reserve force, and requiring that all states rename their militia “National Guard.” The National Defense Act of 1916 prescribed qualifications for National Guard officers and allowed them to attend US Army schools; required that each National Guard unit would be inspected and recognized by the War Department; and ordered that National Guard units would be organized like regular Army units. The act also specified that Guardsmen would be paid not just for annual training, but also for drills.”

Only two states, retain a state controlled militia:
Alaska and the great state of Texas,
The latter state is host of
Central Texas MiniCon and
North Texas RPG con., Dallas Texas Jun 2- 5th

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