Thursday, November 11, 2010


INTV…..… +0
ATTK…. +0/ one bite
DMGE……. d4
7 [13]
Fort..…..... -1
Will………. +0
Move……… 6”

The ulsio is a small omnivore weighing between 20 and 40 lbs with fiery eyes (PM XVII, infra vision). It hunts in packs of d8; however, this wily rodent will only attacks if it gains (3 in 6 chance) surprise or if it outnumbers man-size foes 3 to 1.

“The Martian rat is a fierce and unlovely thing. It is many-legged and hairless, its hide resembling that of a new born mouse in repulsiveness. In size and weight it is comparable to a large Airedale terrier. Its eyes are small and close set, and almost hidden in deep fleshy apertures. But its most ferocious and repulsive feature is its jaws, the entire boney structure of which protrudes several inches beyond the flesh, revealing five sharp, spade-like the upper jaw and the same number of teeth in the lower, the whole suggesting the appearance of a rotting face from which much of the flesh has sloughed away . ..
Its only weapons are its jaws since its broad splay feet are armed with blunt talons. With its protruding jaws it excavates its winding burrows and with its broad feet it pushes dirt behind. To keep the jaws from his flesh then was Turan’s only concern and this he succeeded in doing until chance gave him a hold upon the creature’s throat. After that the end was a matter of moments. Rising at last he flung the lifeless thing from him with a shudder of disgust.”

The ulsio is a scavenger and collector of shiny objects. There is a 33% chance of finding these creatures in their lair, where there will be d6 bp and d4 sp per rat encountered. Also there is a 1% chance per ulsio of finding a small magic item or relic (d10) such as a
(1-5) potion,
(6-7) stone or jewelry,
(8-9) ring or
(10) wand.

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IMAGE is from Frazetta

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