Friday, July 11, 2014

HOW to RUN – I am not buying it

As children we learned, different people have different opinions.
As adults we accept that sometimes people will argue.
No one should have to tolerate abuse or derision.
I will not patronize a ‘professional author’ who makes sport of 
insulting his potential customers in a public format.
My latest experience with Alexis (YMMV)
He wrote something about hit points on July 7th.

You are correct, it is highly unlikely a humanoid with one hit point would survive a single prolonged fight yet alone twenty years. Hit points is an abstract term reflecting the current status of an opponent.
Monster or humanoids with low hit points are nursing and recovering wounds from previous battles. The violent existence of humanoids assures that at a given time a large percent of their population is recover from previous conflicts or inter-tribal brawls.
.. .
For untrained and uninjured ‘0’ level NPCs minimum hit point total equals 1/3rd their strength adjusted by one’s constitution modifier.
July 7, 2014 at 1:33 PM


Well, that's an argument for the status quo, Clovis, but "abstract term reflecting the current status of an opponent" is only a different pound of shit pulled out of your ass.

Why does THIS humanoid have 1 hit point at this time? Based on what? The fact that 1/8th of all 1 HD humanoids are feeling 'down' this morning? Who says they had a battle just previously? Where are these other creatures who so conveniently fought these particular humanoids as of a day or two ago? Really? A tribal brawl every three days? Given the numbers, its amazing ANY humanoids are left. In the very least, they'd know not to brawl before going on patrol.

If these humanoids are injured, why are they now ambushing the party or otherwise joining in with their squad of perfectly healthy associates? Why are there always some humanoids that are 'recovering'?

I don't know where that rule is about NPCs minimum hit points. Can you point to it in the DMG? I hope you're not referring to something in 3e or such, since I was very specific what edition I was addressing.

Why is it your quoted bullshit rule is so different from my proposed rule for 7 to 8 hp per die? Hm? I suspect you think there is something special about the way your shit smells.

Damn. It is good to be back.
July 7, 2014 at 1:47 PM

I comment – not published
NO need for obscenities, you are a better writer than that

I am only a 'better writer' when it's convenient for you, Clovis. The word 'shit' is perfectly clear, everyone knows what it means, it is easy to spell, it is recognizable in multiple languages and EVERYONE DOES IT EVERY DAY. I wish every word in the English language was as commonplace and perfectly comprehensible. That must be why a significant portion of the population shies away from it - the difficulty of accomplishing mendacity without the accompanying odor.

Show your math, JD. I only get that an '8' will show up 1 in 4, not 1 in 3. That is a hell of a difference. I believe you are basing YOUR arguments on the one-time 3 round battle, while I'm basing MY arguments on the multiple battle principle . . . that only grows more and more in my favour and not yours as time passes. But then, you don't care, because you have your way of doing it, created on the spur of the moment AFTER you took half the idea from me. See point (2) above? Where it says don't piggyback your shit on this blog? there's that word again). Well, don't piggyback your shit on this blog.
July 7, 2014 at 2:37 PM

One last appeal to reason, 
again not  published
You  do not need a ‘story’ to justify low hit points …  most non-garrison units are not a full efficiency: 
 . . .
Many real things in the world would cause attrition in a monsters CURRENT  hit points;
disease, starvation, fatigue, sleep deprivation, festering wounds and merely traveling:
The victorious British Army at Agincort was truly in a pathetic physical state (low hit points) , yet they conquered:
John Keegan, The Face of Battle  


  1. We often altered rules and customized the gaming world to fit what-ever rules we have incorporated.....
    ...We just try to keep it enjoyable for the players.....
    ... and keep the "pace" of the game .... Too many rules can really slow game play....

  2. I've boycotted Alexis's blog for some time because of his rude & abusive manner.

    I definitely like the "snapshot" argument for creature HP. It's not unheard of (historically speaking) for campaigns to feature re-rolling HP everytime you level up, or even each morning. In my campaign any permanent change in any attribute would trigger a reroll of PC HP. So Hit Points aren't set in stone, and they certainly don't rise to the level of destiny.

    Also, like most sentient beings in most places and most times in history, most creatures are only in one deadly combat... their first and last one. Like PCs with high HP, monsters with high HP got that way by winning.


  3. yes he is a bitter insane wanker - i tried to delete from my feed but found his insecure paranoid wining brought me comfort - gets so agro over nothing as if his way is only way

  4. Right.

    So tell me about your book, Clovis. Explain to me all the work you've put into it. Show me the previews you've put up on your blog. Tell me about your research. You're obviously such an expert, you must have a book, right? Coming out this month? Can't wait to see it. I'm sure it will be brilliant.

    Go on. You're the expert. You know right from wrong. Tell me all about your book. What's the title? I'd like to know. And the research you've done? That should be interesting to hear about.

    Then Konsumterra can tell me about his book, and Anonymous too. There's an author's name!

    Please, don't buy my book. It will mean more than enough to me that I will be able to buy yours.

  5. I really admire Alex for publishing a book. Major publishers receive hundreds of submissions a month and even the minor legitimate publishers must get dozens. It's quite a feat to have your manuscript impress an editor so much that you get an advance and a publishing contract. Way to go Alex!

  6. @ Alexis
    .. .
    I am neither an author nor a typist; role playing games are a hobby for me, not an obsession.
    As a physician I have a full and rewarding life. Every day I have the privilege of dramatically improving someone’s health by diagnosing a rare disease or dispensing treatments for life’s maladies. Writing a book is not in my future.
    . . .
    I try to be patient and kind with you Alexis, but you really, really need professional help. You are a morbidly obese curmudgeon adrift in the lake of your own hubris. .You are a good writer Alexis, not a great author –
    a great author would not alienate half his audience a week before the release date of his second book.

    Yes, I am an expert; bachelor’s degree in mathematics, master’s in health administration and board certified in Neurology and Psychiatry. With a revolver, I shoot expert with either hand and long ago, I even won a gold belt buckle in a national rodeo.

  7. Why is it the doctor doesn't know the definition of morbidity? Why is the doctor making physical evaluations on the internet, based on a 2 minute video? Why is it the doctor doesn't know to inquire into the patient's present state of health?

  8. This is an opinion blog Alexis... Obesity is defined as a BMI > 30, that is self evident ... If you want a diagnosis and complete evaluation, please visit a medical or mental health professional in person. ...

    Anger is bad for the soul, I implore you to seek help from someone in your local community

    1. Oh, now you're concerned about me. You're so worried about my health and my well-being. That's why you started this post in the first place. To HELP me.

      You know that psychological constant where people always accuse others of that which they worry most about themselves? Of course you do. You're a doctor.

  9. I wrote this post to demonstrate
    "No one should have to tolerate abuse or derision.."

    My blog is not the forum for your bile or your psychological meltdown ...

    Alexis the blogger means nothing to me ..

    Alexis the father, Alexis the spouse, Alexis the friend has value to others ... That person is worth preserving