Friday, May 23, 2014

The Kids are NOT Alright


"I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words... When I was young, we were taught to be discreet andrespectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly disrespectful  and impatient of restraint"
 Hesiod, 8th century BC 

I  will give you THREE reasons why the composition of modern youth have doomed the future of the USA
(maybe Canada , maybe Europe).  
There is an unholy trifecta in our youth that has never before been seen in human history:

 a Thought experiment for those of you over forty;
Close your eyes and think back to high school, who was the fat kid 
Can you  picture him/her? 
What was their name?
That’s right - you can recall the face, probably the name - why?
Because it used to be that obesity was RARE.  Now, more than 1/6th of kids are obese.  I am not talking 10- 15 lbs middle-age overweight. I am talking fat - so heavy that you look overweight in your high school year book photo. (That’s right, twenty years ago,  Americans called excessive accumulation of   adipose tissue , ‘fat.’)
We all understand, that obesity  does NOT imply lack of moral or intellectual capacity but it is a severe detriment when dealing with health and occupational opportunities.
They are illegitimate.
About 40% of US children are born without a father in the house. I understand divorce, we are not talking about unsuccessful marriages.  About 40% of children are born without an extended family structure.  Even in West Germany and Japan after world war II, 40% of children were not born out of wedlock. Illegitimacy is a big predictor of poverty, downward social mobility and dropping out of high school.

 . .. .
 . .. 

 . . .
They are entitled…
It has been consistent throughout human history that the children of the wealthy and aristocracy felt that they were privileged - the world owes them a living.  Now this defect of the spirit has spread to the middle and lower income quintiles.
(we don’t really have classes in America, ‘class’ is an old world concept -         Kim Kardashian is extremely wealthy, but would anyone honestly label her ‘upper class;’ meanwhile Charles Ramsey is poor, but would any respectable human being call him ‘lower class’). 
Many modern youth narcissistically believe they are entitled to health, employment, housing and protection by virtue of having a pulse – they are required to accomplish nothing, yet the ‘government’ should provide for them forever.


Yes, I understand that there are MANY quality young people in this generation; however, the tough question  remains:
Can this minority of quality youth carry BOTH
the heavy load created by the failings of my generation
 as well as the burden of their incompetent peers ?

(70% of young people don't  qualify for military service)


  1. "70% of young people don't qualify for military"

    They will if some fat old man wants them shot to death on foreign soil for his business interests.

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  3. Young people are fine,not getting them makes it seem as if you are not interested in adapting or getting to know them. Any civilized country should expect basic health and education, and all have social classes and the rich are committed to reversing social welfare and rights to the 19th century, the middle class is getting phased out too along with decent education. People worry about every generation it is mostly subjective and not helping the world.Plato said all art would be puppet shows if we let kids have their say. Confucius commented on youth and tradition too. Most prophecies fail too thankfully. The naysayers of the 68 summer love generation or the jazz or swing generations proved to be wrong too.

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  5. Konsumterra ..
    I interact with plenty of young people (18 - 35yo) .

    you are correct in that the median quintiles are not gaining in income ; while the highest income quintile is expanding its wealth, especially amongst the richest of the rich...

    All civilized societies should provide basic services...

    the summer of love generation of 68 may have felt entitled or rebellious, but their generation did not have record levels of obesity and most of them were the progeny of traditional families