Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A battleship of Barsoom commanded by Kantos Kan that was instrumental in the rescue of John Carter and Carthoris after they escaped from the black pirates. Like all capitol ships, the Xavarian carries on board a plethora of smaller craft which includes one 10-man cruiser, five 5-man armed, scout craft and a swarm of one hundred, unarmed 1-man scout fliers.

The Warhoons were perhaps a hundred yards from us when a loud explosion sounded from above and behind us, and almost at the same instant a shell burst in their advancing ranks. At once all was confusion. A hundred warriors toppled to the ground. Riderless thoats plunged hither and thither among the dead and dying. Dismounted warriors were trampled underfoot in the stampede which followed. All semblance of order had left the ranks of the green men, and as they looked far above our heads to trace the origin of this unexpected attack, disorder turned to retreat and retreat to a wild panic. In another moment they were racing as madly away from us as they had before been charging down upon us.

"We turned to look in the direction from whence the first report had come, and there we saw, just clearing the tops of the nearer hills, a great battleship swinging majestically through the air. Her bow gun spoke again even as we looked, and another shell burst among the fleeing Warhoons
.” (GM XV)

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