Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here is an Apocryphal Story

A priest and two of his disciples are walking through the woods having a lively conversation about the meaning of life and the nature of the universe.
They come upon a stream bisecting their path, on the opposite bank is a finely dressed woman staring apprehensively at the moving water. The priest leaves his disciples, wades through the water, and introduces himself to the lady. He then lifts her up and gingerly carries her to the opposite bank.

The priest and his disciples then go along their way in silence. They come to an inn, and the priest is perplexed when his sullen disciples refused to eat. He asked them “What is the matter?”

While the older disciple stared in his stew, the younger disciple spoke up, “Master you touched a woman.”

He replied, “Yes, I did touch a woman, but I put her down. You are still carrying her.”


  1. Ah yes, the zen koan story of master Tanzan and his student Ekido. Good stuff!

  2. thank you very much Ze Bullette

    I remember the story, but I forget where it came from . . .
    for this instant, I am a tiny bit wiser.

    Now where did I put that TV remote ; - )